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Q: Can I cancel my subscription when I wish to do so?
A: You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Q: What kind of backlinks are in the database?
A: Mixed. There are profile links, website builders, posts, bookmarks, social posts, article submissions, etc.


Q: Can I use the database as a guide for my VA (Virtual assistant) to build backlinks for me?
A: That it is a great idea since even a complete beginner could build backlinks with the help of our guides.


Q: Are there any extra costs after buying the access?
A: No. All the links on our database can be acquired for FREE.


Q: Will there be new links added in time?
A: Links will be added on a regular basis.


Q: Why would I pay for more than one month? Wouldn't I be able to build links within a month?
A: If you got only one website, then you definitely can build the links in time. If you got more than one website, then you might not be able to make it in time.
The second benefit of having long-term access is to receive the latest link building opportunities and guides when they get published.
For link sellers and agencies, long-term membership is the Best Option.

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